A Day in Kinder

Waverley Christian College seeks to help children feel welcome from the very start of their school life. Your child is unique and we provide each student with a caring and dynamic learning environment.

A Day in Kinder

A typical day at Kinder involves the children engaging in a myriad of interactions, activities and experiences. The day commences as a group, where all children are encouraged to share matters of importance, followed by a special time of prayer where each child is given an opportunity to pray. A short portion of Scripture is recited and is often accompanied by a Bible story. 

This is followed by an indoor play session where 12 – 15 activities are set up around the room for the children to explore – dramatic play, blocks, book corner, water play, sand play, painting, listening post, dolls house, Noah’s ark, construction toys, drawing, and colouring just to name a few. Both children and staff work together to pack up the room and have a group session before settling down at the tables to sing ‘grace’ and eat a healthy snack.
The outdoor environment offers many valuable learning opportunities and is always a much anticipated part of the day. The children are encouraged to play outside even in winter, only having an inside program as an exeption for the wind, rain, high or low temperatures. The children take turns climbing on the obstacle course or on the swings; they dig in the sandpit; ride bikes around the yard; water the plants; play in the cubby house or play with the balls; and many other toys. After this the children and staff have another pack up time and it’s inside for lunch.

After lunch the children have a rest time where they can relax on their mats looking at books, or sleeping for about 40 minutes while some quiet music plays. As the year progresses and they get closer to Prep their 'rest mats' are swapped for pillows where they sit or lie down listening to a staff member read a book.

The children then pack up for the day with just enough time to have a short session of singing songs, dancing, reading a story, playing some group games or remembering our bible verse and then it’s time to go home.